Week 9 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

Que tal familia. Elder Woodward here with the latest. So this week was pretty amazing for Nueva Era. In church this Sunday we had the Primary presentation. There were only like 12 kids, but the chapel was full. As with any Primary presentation, it was super fun to watch. One of my companion´s converts was in the presentation as well. We ended up having 8 non-members attending, and a bunch of less-active members came as well. It makes me think that if we organize more “special” sacrament meetings, we can boost attendance for members, less-actives, and investigators. Continue reading


Week 1 Err, 5, of Nueva Era, Las Flores

We back.

If, in the month that I spent here, we didn´t visit the hill people enough, these last few days have definitely been payback. Up and down, up and down. My new companion, Elder Vasquez, and I both got here on Tuesday. Since we´re both sorta new to the sector, we´ve spent the week getting to know the hill folk the old missionaries taught. The good news is Elder Vasquez is a monster with the area book, so even though this first week was pretty slow, the coming week is loaded. Continue reading

Week 10 of Tarapacá 2, La Libertad… y más fotos

Habla family!

So last Monday we went as a zone to a museum in Jesús María. It had a ton of Paracas artifacts, miniatures of Inca strongholds and cities, and paintings of important figures and events in Peruvian history. My personal favorite was the replica of Simon Bolivar´s sword. Only one question: how would you like your remains displayed? (creds to those who got that reference) Continue reading

Week 8 of Tarapacá 2, La Libertad… y fotos

So there´s all the pictures I should´ve sent like two months ago.

But what´s up, family! Elder Woodward here. We had a great week! Susana is excited for her baptismal date this Friday. She feels that this is the road God has chosen for her, even though she´s still a little unsure about having received an answer on Joseph Smith. It looks like we might have a noche blanca en La Libertad! But I´ll let you guys know if it happened or not. Continue reading