First Area: San Martin de Porres

From Kacy on his first two weeks in the field:

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve reached the mission field here in San Martin de Porres, and proselyting has begun. It’s grimy, hectic, and makes me uncomfortable, but obviously it’s where I need to be. I just try to imagine what it would be like walking down the street if every person I saw was a member of the church; it makes things so much easier.

I don’t like this part of the city that much, but I suppose that`s why I’m here. The people that I’ve met are very humble and receptive, so it makes sense that Lima Central is a high-baptizing mission. Proselyting has already started, and my trainer is great. Continue reading


The CCM (aka the Lima MTC)

Kacy spent three weeks at the CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misional). He arrived without any problems, except for the fact that he missed his haircut on the first day, so he was the only missionary in the CCM who still had all his hair (his roommates told him that before he goes out into the mission field, the guy who cuts hair practically shaves people bald, so he thought about hiding with them in the bathroom and waiting to get a haircut in the city).

Here are some of the things Kacy had to say about his time in the CCM:

On Life in the CCM

It took me a while, but I finally adjusted to the the ridiculously (and I mean ridiculously) tight schedule they have here. The CCM is a really great place! I think my favorite place is the cafeteria (Comedor). I’ve eaten Peruvian food all my life, so that wasn’t much of an adjustment for me. I can sit down and gorge myself pretty comfortably. Plus we get ice cream with every meal! Continue reading