Kacy’s Weekly Email 10-24-16

baptismThis week was the best we’ve had in terms of numbers in Las Americas. We have eight investigators who’ve accepted a baptismal date for November and five others who are progressing. My companion and I are getting along really well, and the high numbers for the week definitely don`t hurt. We taught a new investigator this week that was 90% Cornelia. She said she had been looking into so many churches but hadn’t really felt like any of them were right. She said that she recognized the Lord when He spoke to her because she felt a powerful, indescribable assurety, which obviously means she has experience with feeling the power of the Holy Ghost. ¡Ella se va bautizarse al toque, pe! Continue reading


October 17th Update

I’ve got a spiritual thought for you. 2 Nephi 17:15 states, ¨”Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil and to choose the good.”

So this week we´ve got another guy scheduled for baptism. He uses crutches and works making door hinges, I think. Anyway, he is super friendly and hardly shuts up for us to teach him, he’s very talkative. He has really great faith, and my companion and I know he wants to be baptized, we’re just not sure if he has a testimony yet, so that´s what we’re focusing on leading up to this Saturday. Continue reading

Lessons in Obedience

the crew.JPGMy week was good. Thanks for writing me! I was studying in Jesus the Christ about faith, and I found something from James E. Talmage that says we can measure our faith by two things: our obedience and our service. What my companion and I are learning this week is that obedience with exactness is the only way to have full success in missionary work. We have to work on following or daily schedule down to the minute, showing that we have faith in the Savior. He blessed us this week with more investigators that were prepared, and with more baptismal dates. I’m going to follow this plan of exactness, and it will yield miracles. Continue reading

Learning Every Day

Kacy’s emails are usually short and sweet, so here are a few excerpts from the past few weeks:

On General Conference

I LOVED Conference. It was definitely a spiritual recharge. One of my favorites was Elder Rasband`s ¨Do Not Forget.¨ In the challenging atmosphere of the mission, it`s easy to start doubting one`s testimony, so it`s important to never forget what it feels like to receive a testimony. In PMG, Chapter 5 says we should continually test Moroni`s Promise. While starting the mission, I felt like I should ¨recharge¨ my testimony, and it happened a few weeks ago when I was studying a scripture that Elder Rasband mentioned in his talk. It was awesome seeing that correlation.

On Preaching With Boldness

I think something that I definitely need to work on is being bold. I´m fairly soft-spoken, especially when it comes to Spanish, since I´m not confident in my words yet. But I figure it´s better to be confident and make mistakes than to be timid and express myself. What I’ve got will change the world. Continue reading