Learning Every Day

Kacy’s emails are usually short and sweet, so here are a few excerpts from the past few weeks:

On General Conference

I LOVED Conference. It was definitely a spiritual recharge. One of my favorites was Elder Rasband`s ¨Do Not Forget.¨ In the challenging atmosphere of the mission, it`s easy to start doubting one`s testimony, so it`s important to never forget what it feels like to receive a testimony. In PMG, Chapter 5 says we should continually test Moroni`s Promise. While starting the mission, I felt like I should ¨recharge¨ my testimony, and it happened a few weeks ago when I was studying a scripture that Elder Rasband mentioned in his talk. It was awesome seeing that correlation.

On Preaching With Boldness

I think something that I definitely need to work on is being bold. I´m fairly soft-spoken, especially when it comes to Spanish, since I´m not confident in my words yet. But I figure it´s better to be confident and make mistakes than to be timid and express myself. What I’ve got will change the world.

On Crazy Experiences

The most hostile situation I was involved in so far was when this random gangster dude was chillin on a street corner, and my companion and I said “Buenas!” like we say to everyone on the street, and he was like, “Me van a salvar? Me van a salvar?” trying to get us angry. He practically whispered it, so I didn`t really hear him, and I had no idea what was going on, so I just kept walking. That`s how it is a lot, actually: People talk to my companion or amongst themselves, and I often have to ask what the conversation is about because I`ve lost track. Luckily, that doesn`t really happen in lessons.

On The Importance of His Mother

Mom is special to me because she can do everything: she can cook like no other, clean like no other, serve like no other, and love like no other. I love my mom because she`s always supported me, and she`s worked her hardest to give me the best life I could I ever ask for.

On What They Eat

We have someone who cooks our lunch and washes our clothes. His lunches are always delicious, but we can’t iron our clothes, so they always stays a little wrinkled. We live on the second floor of a restaurant. They have a Chinese guy who works nights and cooks the best lomo saltado I’ve ever eaten in my life. We had a cell phone, but it broke — it was in my jacket pocket and I think it collided with the door of our taxi, so we had to buy a new cell for 80 soles. The most unique foods I’ve eaten are igado (pork tenderloin mixed with a pig’s innards such as liver, kidney, heart) and chicken feet. I don’t like igado, but chicken feet taste like the rest of the chicken. Well, I think so anyway…I had it in soup and it was delicious.

Nosotros tenemos una pensionista que cocina nuestros almuerzos y lava nuestra ropa. Sus almuerzos siempre son ricos, pero no podemos planchar nuestra ropa, entonces siempre se queda un poquito arrugado. Vivimos en el segundo piso de un restaurante. Tienen un Chinito que trabaja en las noches y que cocina el mejor lomo saltado que he comido en mi vida. Teníamos un celular, pero se rompió. Lo teni un el bolsillo de mi chaqueta, y creo que choco con la puerta de nuestro taxi, entonces teníamos que comprar un nuevo celular por 80 soles. Las comidas mas diferentes que he comido son igado y pata de gallina. No me gusta igado, pero pata sabe como el resto del pollo. Bueno, yo lo creo; lo comí en una sopa, y era rico.

On Dating After the Mission

I wanted to tell you a story one of my zone leaders told me. I asked him whether or not serving a mission in Latin America really makes you attracted to Latinas. He said it was a real thing, since that`s all you`ve got for two years. He also told me this story: There once was a horseman who had a lovely horse. Each morning, he fed his horse a big, juicy apple. And the horse loved it! But one day, the horseman had to sell his horse because he was out of money. And the horse`s new owner visited the horse every morning and fed him pig`s food. And the horse hated it! He thought he`d never be able to eat it. But slowly, he started to eat it. After about a year, he figured he was used to it. And after two years, he loved it! But by then, his original owner had saved enough money to buy back his beloved horse. And when he bought him back, he visited him every morning with a big, juicy apple. And when the horse tried it, he thought it was the best food he`d had in his life! Moral of the story: wait until after the mission to decide which you really like best.


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