Lessons in Obedience

the crew.JPGMy week was good. Thanks for writing me! I was studying in Jesus the Christ about faith, and I found something from James E. Talmage that says we can measure our faith by two things: our obedience and our service. What my companion and I are learning this week is that obedience with exactness is the only way to have full success in missionary work. We have to work on following or daily schedule down to the minute, showing that we have faith in the Savior. He blessed us this week with more investigators that were prepared, and with more baptismal dates. I’m going to follow this plan of exactness, and it will yield miracles.

Numbers still aren`t the best, but they’ve improved a lot because of our obedience with exactness.  I think improving in the schedule was what really made a big difference. I had to get past my own stubbornness a little bit, but now I have more trust that God is with us. And good to hear that BYU`s slowly starting to rise from the ashes!

¡Les quiero muchisimo!

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