Kacy’s Weekly Email 10-24-16

baptismThis week was the best we’ve had in terms of numbers in Las Americas. We have eight investigators who’ve accepted a baptismal date for November and five others who are progressing. My companion and I are getting along really well, and the high numbers for the week definitely don`t hurt. We taught a new investigator this week that was 90% Cornelia. She said she had been looking into so many churches but hadn’t really felt like any of them were right. She said that she recognized the Lord when He spoke to her because she felt a powerful, indescribable assurety, which obviously means she has experience with feeling the power of the Holy Ghost. ¡Ella se va bautizarse al toque, pe!

My companion and I are very different people, but the fact that we still get along and still are able to teach with power and authority is a witness to the truthfulness of our work.The end of the week got a little slow, so I`m planning to tackle the new week with some energy and keep the numbers high. Well, today we cleaned our apartment for like two hours. It wasn`t too bad, actually, seeing as how the apartment hadn`t been cleaned for two weeks or so. Then my companion and I had some home-made cheeseburgers (I`ve got some pics I`ll send next week of this and other stuff). We definitely ate too much.

I`m getting along really well with the missionaries in my zone; one of them, Elder Leiva from Chile, is a nerd who plays piano and is a hardcore gamer. It`s pretty neat that those people exist in South America. I think one of the biggest sources of strength for my companion and I is the fact that our zone leaders live underneath us. We live on the third floor of our apartment and they live on the second floor. We get together and talk almost every morning before proselyting and almost every night.

I suppose the only problems we`re encountering are that in my companion`s district (he`s district leader), there is one pair of elders who are a little rebellious, and there`s one sister who`s super discouraged and plans on going home next week. If that is the case, my companion and I will probably have to work in two sectors at once until the middle of November, which could be a huge problem. We`re praying for her.

And so begins my new week. Oh, and my spiritual thought: don`t forget that every one of the Lord`s promises applies to you personally. Read it two or three times, analyze it, and let it sink in a little.

Love you! Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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