December Advent Time!

Hey all!

The work here is good. None of our investigators attended church, which obviously sucks, but a member introduced us to a friend who’s investigating the church, so there’s a lot of potential there. Continue reading


November Cambios!

What is up with it, nation! This is Elder Woodward coming at you once again with some live news. So changes ended up being nuts! The new group of missionaries coming in was huge, so three of the missionaries in my zone ended up training. Elder Crawford, who´s in my group, was one of them, and there was another elder from my group who also ended up training a greenie right after his own training ended. Continue reading

Earthquakes and Food Comas

I felt one earthquake on Thursday night. I was in bed, and the room started shaking slightly. My companion came out of the bathroom, he and I grabbed the emergency backpack, rushed down the stairs to our zone leaders´ room, and knocked on the door. By that point, the earthquake was over. One of our zone leaders didn’t even feel it. It wasn’t that bad. We´ve slept through the rest, so they were all weak. However, I heard there might be something much stronger coming in November. I certainly hope that´s not the case. Continue reading