Earthquakes and Food Comas

I felt one earthquake on Thursday night. I was in bed, and the room started shaking slightly. My companion came out of the bathroom, he and I grabbed the emergency backpack, rushed down the stairs to our zone leaders´ room, and knocked on the door. By that point, the earthquake was over. One of our zone leaders didn’t even feel it. It wasn’t that bad. We´ve slept through the rest, so they were all weak. However, I heard there might be something much stronger coming in November. I certainly hope that´s not the case.

We actually had our Primary Program a couple weeks ago as well. Obviously, a lot of less actives showed up, so you could say it was a successful week as far as attendance. This week wasn´t that great attendance-wise, but we found and taught a lot more people than last week.

This week I´m also focusing on ¨aware faith.¨ I´ve found that most of the time, I take the Lord´s hand in all things as a given, and sort of cast it aside for most of the day, not really focusing on actively obtaining or realizing His help. So that´s my personal goal for the week.

Anyway, today, to celebrate one of my zone leaders´ last P-Days in the mission, we went to La Bistecca in Magdalena. It´s a meat buffet in Plaza Salaverry, and I don´t think I’ve ever had such a strong lust for food in my life. We ate sushi, lomo fino, ice cream, churros, hamburguesas, pasta, and more. Comimos durazo, y fue lo maximo. Espero regresar.

So that’s all for now. I’ll be sending some pics shortly. Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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