November Cambios!

What is up with it, nation! This is Elder Woodward coming at you once again with some live news. So changes ended up being nuts! The new group of missionaries coming in was huge, so three of the missionaries in my zone ended up training. Elder Crawford, who´s in my group, was one of them, and there was another elder from my group who also ended up training a greenie right after his own training ended.

Another one of the trainers ended up being… Elder Navarro! Which means I’m out, baby! On the last change of his mission, Elder Navarro got a gringo who knows nothing more than his six weeks of Spanish at the CCM. So we´ll see how long it takes before he goes bald from pulling his hair out. He wasn’t super patient before I came along, so we´ll see how this one goes. Elder Aguirre, one of my zone leaders, ended his mission, and was replaced by Elder Keiser from Nevada. The zone leaders seem excited to work hard.

Which leads us to me. I’ve been moved as co-senior companion in Condevilla Stake, German Aguirre Ward. My new companion, Elder Quimis, was trained by Elder Aguirre. Hes got about nine months in the mission, and he’s awesome! He seems like a really good guy. He only has one change in the sector, so neither of us knows the area or the ward super well, but it´’ going to be fun getting the work started here. Condevilla zone actually has 3 or 4 companionships of trainers and trainees, so the zone almost speaks more English than Spanish.

Anyway, German Aguirre is about twice as big as my first sector, and there’s a lot more parks and it’s a little prettier. Whereas Las Americas only has one avenue, German Aguirre has three. One of the best things is the ward is bigger and we get to attend in a stake center, which is the American equivalent of a regular church. Oh, and the absolute best part… no hills! My sector has its limits at the base of a huge hill in Valdiviezo.

So the work is a lot of fun. A lot of our current investigators (and one of our recent converts) are weird old people who are tough to teach sometimes, but I figure they need the gospel just as much as the rest of us. My hopes are pretty high for this change.

So far, all I’ve got as far as pictures are lame pictures of my room. Next week I’ll try to take pictures of the district and the zone to send to you guys. I love you guys! Keep the faith.

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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