December Advent Time!

Hey all!

The work here is good. None of our investigators attended church, which obviously sucks, but a member introduced us to a friend who’s investigating the church, so there’s a lot of potential there.

This week has been loaded with stuff: they basically replaced our P-Day with a temple session, we’re doing a huge service activity this Thursday, we have multi-zone conferences this Friday, the First Presidency Devotional this Sunday, and a lot more stuff planned for the Christmas season.

Speaking of the Christmas season, I don’t know if you guys have heard about the church’s Christmas Initiative, but it’s AWESOME. I would first encourage you guys to go to and watch the video, because it´s super inspiring, and I guess you can share the video with friends and family and get started from there.

As missionaries, our work this month will be closely involved with the initiative. Here’s my spiritual thought for the week: The spirit of revelation is real—and can and does function in our individual lives and in the Church.

Thanks for all the great advice! It truly is a comfort and a blessing. Keep the faith, don´t give up, and keep to the path that leads us closer to our Savior.

I´ll talk to you guys soon! Love you!


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