Almost Navidad

This week we’re finally seeing some prospective baptisms! Next week, an 11 year-old sister named Evelyn is going to be baptized. She lives with her grandma and aunt, who recently moved into the ward from Uruguay. She´s been attending for over a month, and she has all the desire and knowledge necessary to be baptized. Her grandma says she doesn’t want her to be baptized unless it’s her own decision, and Evelyn seems to know perfectly well the decision she´s making.

Another sister we’ve got scheduled to be baptized this week is named Nancy. She has been attending church with her less-active boyfriend for over a year, but in a different ward, apparently due to some problem between her and the bishop of our ward. She never got baptized, but now that she´s resolved the problem of cohabitating she had with her boyfriend (they´re sleeping in different rooms/beds), she can get baptized without a problem. Her boyfriend is going to Bolivia soon to resolve some problems from a previous relationship so he can get married and sealed to Nancy. Nancy loves the gospel and has a strong testimony of the Restoration. So yeah… free baptisms.

It’s nice to see that the Lord had people prepared for us. In addition, an old investigator that we left decided to attend church this week! It seems like the sector is thriving out of nowhere. All in all, my hopes are high for the coming week.

I guess that’s all for now. Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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