Journal Entries

I thought I´d share with all of you my first inspired journal writings. Call me Mormon. In Peru, they write day/month (dd/mm).

Morning Excerpt 13/12

Alright, so I just got done with exercising this morning, and I´m just chillin at my desk. One of the funnest things about our room in German Aguirre is that we live directly across from a gym, so every morning and every evening we get to watch the aerobics classes across the street. Sometimes I don´t want to watch because it´s kinda weird, but other times it´s fun to see the kick dancing and all that stuff. Oh yeah, have any of you guys heard of Lazy Town? It’s a kids’ TV show. I feel like I’ve seen it briefly, but I’d never watched it directly until about two weeks ago. It seems extremely weird, so I encourage you all to check it out.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the unique relationship I now have with God as one of His chosen representatives. Mostly, I figure what’s changed is that God is now my full-time boss, so I’m accountable to Him in just about everything. Another thing that helps me understand my position is to think of prophets/missionaries from the scriptures and how they accomplished a lot of great things because of their unwavering faith. It’s pretty cool to think that I essentially carry the same power. Anyway, imma go eat something. PEACE


Morning Excerpt 14/12

Just thought I’d share a neat little gem I found studying the BoM a couple days ago. 2 Nephi 2:11 puts holiness and misery opposite each other, which I found interesting. It’s something very easily overlooked, especially since in the same verse it later puts misery opposite happiness. Holy, according to the Bible Dictionary, usually meant something or someone set apart for a sacred purpose. However, the word came to describe God’s moral character. So, in essence, this forgettably short passage clearly states to me that moral character is the key to happiness. I suppose you find these sorts of gems often as you measure up the word, so I hope to find more to share with you.


Morning Excerpt 18/12

Christmas is getting closer! Though it’s a shame I can’t listen to the usual Christmas classics, I’ve got a work to focus on, so the hymns suffice me. Anyway, yesterday we did a lot of contacting, and we’ve got a few appointments with new people lined up for next week. Earlier in the change, I think one of our issues was we were focusing too much on the people we already had and who weren’t really progressing, which made us lose focus on contacting new people. We’re entering the last week of the change! Changes are always nutty, so I´’l keep you posted if I hear anything. And I guess that’s all for now. I’ll be hearing from you all shortly.

Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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