People coming to church!

We finally have investigators progressing, or in other words, people attended church!
A brother named Jose Luis attended with his wife who is a member. He is a Catholic, and has talked to the elders before. He says that if he receives a testimony of the Holy Spirit, he will be baptized as normal. It is difficult because it seems that his wife does not have a very strong testimony of the Sabbath, so she took him to shop the second and third hours this Sunday. But he is very fine person. He’s a policeman, and he takes his Book of Mormon to read at his work, which shows a sincere desire to learn. You just have to wait for God to help you. Continue reading


Week one, 2017

Sounds like things are getting crazy over there in Idaho! I would have loved to feel that cold. Here it’s nothing but sweating all day.

Things are going well here. Going well in the sense that I’m not discouraged. As far as numbers, the prospects aren’t great, but there’s someone out there we’re looking for and still haven’t found. I’m confident we will have success. For now, I’m just satisfied with the opportunity I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ, to learn, and to share what I have. Continue reading