Week one, 2017

Sounds like things are getting crazy over there in Idaho! I would have loved to feel that cold. Here it’s nothing but sweating all day.

Things are going well here. Going well in the sense that I’m not discouraged. As far as numbers, the prospects aren’t great, but there’s someone out there we’re looking for and still haven’t found. I’m confident we will have success. For now, I’m just satisfied with the opportunity I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ, to learn, and to share what I have.

There’s a young man in the ward who always follows us around named Camilo. He’s a great kid. He’s very outgoing and proactive, and he’s always eager to bear his testimony. Supposedly, he’s been accompanying the missionaries since he was eleven or so years old. Now that he’s eighteen, he’s got plans to go on a mission. We’re not allowed to go on splits in this mission.

Our most recent convert is Evelyn. She’s a convert baptism because she’s eleven, but her aunt and grandma who take care of her are members of the church. They recently moved into the ward from Uruguay. Evelyn has a strong testimony, she’s very receptive, and she’s got a sincere desire to continue learning. What more could you ask for as a missionary? She has a lot of potential as a member of the church.

Anyway, I love you guys a whole lot. Please know that I’m having a really great experience here in the mission. I’m learning, I’m growing spiritually, and ‘´m having fun. ¡Conserven la fe, hermanos! Conserven la fe! (Keep the faith!)

¡Cuídate oye, causa! (Take care!)

Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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