Kacy’s Weekly Email 1-16-17

We had a little rain here. Well, it was drizzling, but it accumulates quickly. And since Lima is humid, the earth does not absorb any water, then the morning after the drizzle it has the appearance of rain with water on the road and everything. In addition, the humidity intensifies, and makes even more heat. However, we go forward.

This week we had committed 10 people to attend the Church, and none came. We called them, we went to pick them up, but nothing. Such is life. At least, we taught a lot of lessons this week with investigators (20) and we have found many new investigators (9) who show a desire to learn and progress. Little by little, we are improving, and I see that this sector has more potential than I previously believed.

I don’t know if I told you about Evelyn, our last baptism. She is 11 years old, and recently moved here in the neighborhood with her aunt and grandmother from Uruguay. Her “parents” are active members in the Church, but for some reason she never got baptized. How lucky we were! We had no one ready to be baptized, and we would have gone the month of December without a baptism in the area. Well, she was already very ready to enter into the covenant with God. She has a lot of faith, she has a testimony, and now she’s starting a daily reading of the Book of Mormon. I see a lot of potential in her being a strong member and a courageous representative of Jesus Christ.

Above all, I see a lot of progress in myself in various aspects of missionary work. I have a companion who supports me a lot and has sincere desires to serve the Lord. I have many reasons to thank the Lord. Thank you for your support at all times! I am championing the cause for the salvation of the souls! How great is my call!

Well, I love you all very much.

Take care!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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