Sometimes things are just slow

So this week has’t been the friendliest in terms of progress. We had three new investigators come to sacrament meeting, but the only reason they came was because they wanted to use the family history center to look up an ancestor’s name. Apparently, it had something to do with inheritance. So yeah, they mainly came just to satisfy the dollar signs in their eyes. They left unsatisfied because the church hasn’t gotten records from that part of the country yet. However, one of them is actually really nice, and she accepted an invitation to visit her in the coming week.

Other than that, we have no investigators progressing, and now it’s even tough to find some of them. But the work has its ups and downs. I feel like I’m learning and improving every day, and I know there is potential in my sector. I hope I don’t leave without seeing any progress, but changes are this Monday, so we’ll see how that turns out.

This change I’ve come to a much greater awareness of my flaws, but I’ve also earned a humble appreciation of the grace of God (Jacob 4:7). I feel His grace working within me and perfecting me. The process is slow, but I feel the process moving much faster than it ever did when I was back home, and I only have my Heavenly Father to thank for that.

I’m striving to be positive, to be proactive, and to be selfless and supportive for my companion. And don’t worry about me too much! I’m doing great. I’m feeling good about life!

Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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