New area and new companion!

It´s great to hear from you! All is well here in Lima. It´s still hot, but today was clouded over, so it wasn’t that bad. I´m putting on sunscreen every day and skin cream every night. So this Tuesday I got transferred to a zone that´s a little richer called Maranga, in Elio Ward. The members here are super cool, and there are a lot more returned missionaries who want to work with us, so things are looking good.

Elio is HUGE. It’s probably about twice as big as Franklin 3rd, but all urban. My new companion´s name is Elder Horne, and he only has three weeks here. He doesn’t speak much Spanish. He´s from Nampa and only has three months in the mission. His trainers were both Latinos, and it looks like they didn’t teach him all there is to know about paperwork and the schedule and rules and stuff. But he’s super humble and eager to work, so he´s a great companion regardless.

Elder Horne’s story is pretty interesting. His first trainer was a pretty patient trainer, and he was a district leader, but he was a little disobedient and apparently also had a stealing problem. So Elder Horne had an emergency transfer from Rimac Zone to Maranga Zone, where he was received by his second trainer. His second trainer was apparently somewhat racist and incredibly impatient and lone wolf, so he never involved Elder Horne in anything, and whenever Elder Horne asked or suggested something, his second trainer got super mad. Plus, right before transfers his second trainer used up all the drinking water to bathe himself.

This first week of the change we’ve had to buy (me) or boil (Elder Horne) water to drink. Obviously, Elder Horne was happy to get a legit missionary as his companion this change. He said he was so happy he couldn’t sleep that first night. We’ve been working well together. Although it’s always a little awkward at first getting to know your companion and how he teaches, we’re adapting to each other, and Elder Horne says things are going to get much better in this sector.

This morning I was reading a talk by Elder Oaks about receiving revelation, and how the most confused members of the church are those that seek for immediate revelation in every aspect of their lives. We as members of the church do not receive continuous revelation, but rather are entitled to continuing revelation, meaning that God chooses the time and place in which to entrust us with his counsel. I can testify to this, as I have received key revelation, but not when I first thought I needed it. I believe the moments in which I received revelation from the Spirit were the moments I truly needed them and would utilize them better.

Love you!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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