Kacy’s Weekly Email 2-20-17

So this week we found a lot of cool new people that seemed excited to listen to us. One of them is an English teacher at a big university in Lima. He expressed a lot of concern over the current political state of the world and rampant corruption at all levels of society. He said he´d heard a little bit about the Church, but he didn´t know much about it. For example, he said he´d never heard that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. He´s excited to attend church and talk more with us. At the very least, he probably sees it as a good excuse to practice his English.

This week we also had a really awesome family home evening with a non-member family. The wife of the family has a sister named Domitila, and she´s an active member of the ward. We shared the first part of the Restoration and then watched part of the Joseph Smith movie. At the end, we all shared our testimonies, and Domitila cried. It was a really special moment, and Domitila´s sister was super interested. We´d been teaching her daughter, but had never been able to talk to the parents and teach them until that family home evening. Now we´ve got another family home evening scheduled for this week, so my hopes are high!

Although not too many investigators attended sacrament meeting this week, one of them is super promising. His parents are recent converts, and he said he wants to learn and get answers to his questions. His parents said he doesn´t want to feel pressured, so we have to handle it a little more carefully than, ¨Hey! When can we teach you? Would you like to be baptized on this day?¨ We´re planning a family home evening with his family as well. I think this sector has a lot of potential. My companion and I get along well, and we´re learning to work well together. Although my companion doesn´t speak much Spanish, he has other strengths, and he is great at bringing the Spirit to the investigators. His last two companions left a bad taste in his mouth for Latino missionaries, but he´s super nice.

I´ve been eating a lot of salchipapas recently because we live by a famous Salchipapa place called ¨Vaqueritos.¨ Needless to say, it´s delicious. Also, we finally received our water! Everything´s going great.

I love you! Keep the faith!


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