Still rocking it in Elio!

Well, everything is fine here. We have two investigators who are going to be baptized. They just need to get married, and they are making plans, together with the ward council, to pay everything. They are a couple of a Venezuelan brother (Kenny) and a Peruvian sister (Leiby). They found the Church, because a Venezuelan sister is living with them. She is a small challenge, because she has Asperger’s and has moved away from the Church for reasons of personal pride. Even so, he says he has his testimony. They have read the scriptures she has, have enrolled in institutes, and have already met several members and couples in the ward. They say that they want to be baptized, because they have felt the Spirit, and that it is their own decision. They are golden contacts.

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Rain & Floods Update

DSCN0180[1] (2)

First, we have water! Finally. We went from Wednesday until today without water to bathe and flush the toilet. Needless to say that everything was filth. Now, though, we´ve got a decent amount stored up, since they brought some water back. They´re putting out water in short bursts and then cutting it back for days, so I sure hope our water lasts a while. The Rio Rimac flooded, and the main park in the Center of Lima is very wet. This Sunday the stake organized a service group to help. I´ll attach a photo of our water storage.

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Weekly Email 2-27-17

It´s always great to hear from you and read your letters. This week has been very productive for finding new investigators, but we have not been able to do much follow-up with the ones we already have. It’s hard to find them for the second time. So there we are, just doing everything we can. There is not much to write. We are not having miraculous experiences every day, but we are working and seeing some fruits. I feel great physically. I am eating a lot of nuts, and I am also buying other foods. All is good with respect to that. Now I have a refrigerator and a microwave that work normally. I’m storing yogurt, milk, and food. Continue reading