Weekly Email 2-27-17

It´s always great to hear from you and read your letters. This week has been very productive for finding new investigators, but we have not been able to do much follow-up with the ones we already have. It’s hard to find them for the second time. So there we are, just doing everything we can. There is not much to write. We are not having miraculous experiences every day, but we are working and seeing some fruits. I feel great physically. I am eating a lot of nuts, and I am also buying other foods. All is good with respect to that. Now I have a refrigerator and a microwave that work normally. I’m storing yogurt, milk, and food.

Really quick, since I haven´t got much time, I´d like to send a few photos that I´ve got. First up is a photo of one of the most legendary salchipapa places in the mission: Vaqueritos. Next up is our study room, which is a bit of an oven, but there´s a fan in our bedroom, so it´s not too bad.

¡Cuídate! Los quiero mucho.

lder Kacy Hart Woodward

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