Weekly Email 3-6-17

This week´s been pretty decent. We had one guy who, before I came to the sector, never committed to anything. While my companion and I have been working with him, he has shown a much greater interest in reading the Book of Mormon, and he even came to church this last Sunday. It´s awesome to see how the Spirit must be working with him.

Well, we had interviews with our mission president this week, which was super cool. President and Sister Larson are awesome. I can tell how much they care about the missionaries God has put under their charge. Speaking of that, my companion and I might be moving soon because termites are eating our doors and walls, so there´s a risk that they collapse on us.
This week´s been kinda tough because we lost the credit we need to make calls last Sunday, so we´ve gone the whole week without being able to call anyone. Even then, we´ve had some success without followup on our investigators. There´s another guy who´s been reading the Book of Mormon a lot since we found him, and he´s super interested because he´s been to a lot of different religions and is searching for the truth.
Speaking on that, the religious state of Lima is pretty sad. There are tons of different churches that get together just to talk about God, sing loud and annoying songs, dance, and then just keep living life and making the same mistakes. There´s no progress. And you know why? It´s because other religions are empty. The power of God is not manifest because they are apostate organizations. That´s not to say they´re bad organizations, per se, but it does mean that they don´t function with the sanction of Deity. In other words, because they aren´t God´s church, they can´t really access the power God´s church provides to make the big changes He wants us to make. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the means for change, for us to become something. If we don´t follow it, our eternal progress is halted.
You come to a better understanding of how the gospel works as a missionary. Before, I´m not sure I understood fully how the gospel is important and relevant in our daily life, but now I do. Without the gospel, no one can become anything more than they already are, and no one can experience God´s power or His blessings. It´s the key to the door of exaltation.
I have felt God´s power. I have seen it. The gospel is not a substance-less set of rules and regulations to worship an abstract idea. It is not just a moral code for our well-being. It is a divine plan set forth by a loving Father. Live the gospel, and witness for yourselves the power of God.
Oh, and remember… HEROES NEVER DIE!
Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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