Last Week Before Changes

What´s up with it, nation! Elder Woodward here, coming at you with some live missionary action. Whew, this week just flew by! I swear there aren´t enough hours in the day to get this work done.

This week we´ve had a lot of new investigators, but as always we worry about being able to find some of them for a second time. The biggest challenge this sector´s had in my time here is second or third visits. It seems like it has more to do with busy schedules than interest levels, but I guess you never know.
So the investigator we´ve been focusing on is called Marino. His sister is a member of the ward. My companion and his old companion found Marino and started teaching him, but before he never really wanted anything. When I got to the sector, my companion and I worked a little better with him. He ended up being super interested in the Book of Mormon. When we read the Introduction with him, he was like, ¨Yeah, let´s keep going.¨ We ended up reading the testimonies of the witnesses, and he read by himself (for the first time) the testimony of Joseph Smith.
He definitely has a testimony of the church. He said that before we started visiting him, he always felt stressed and troubled, and he found it hard to sleep at night. Now he says he feels peaceful and he sleeps fine. Obviously, the Spirit has worked a lot in him. The only challenge that we´ve got with him is that he takes care of a lot of land that he owns in a faraway part of town. He says he has to go every Sunday or else he gets charged a fine of 50 soles. He came to church last Sunday and got fined. He didn´t come this Sunday. He would like to sell the land, but his brother also lives on that land, which complicates things a little more. He doesn´t want to dump his brother out on the street.
He accepted a baptismal date, but since he didn´t come to church this week it fell back. We fasted for him, so here´s to hoping everything gets worked out. We just told him to pray so that the Lord would tell him what he needed to do.
Anyway, this ward is super cool. The members are really supportive and always ready to come with us to appointments. The bishop is super excited to get some huge activities planned and going. Plus, as always, everyone´s anxious to give us food. Well, changes are a week from now. Next week you probably still won´t know how they´ll have gone, but if I find anything out I´ll let you know.
This work is true. I know it´s true. I hoped to be engaged in the great work of salvation for as long as God may permit me. May His grace be poured out upon you all is the prayer of His servant, Elder Kacy Hart Woodward.
And remember… HEROES NEVER DIE!!!
Love you!
p.s. Here are some photos of me and my district in Parque De Las Aguas.

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