Rain & Floods Update

DSCN0180[1] (2)

First, we have water! Finally. We went from Wednesday until today without water to bathe and flush the toilet. Needless to say that everything was filth. Now, though, we´ve got a decent amount stored up, since they brought some water back. They´re putting out water in short bursts and then cutting it back for days, so I sure hope our water lasts a while. The Rio Rimac flooded, and the main park in the Center of Lima is very wet. This Sunday the stake organized a service group to help. I´ll attach a photo of our water storage.

Next, this week was great! We met a lot of great new people. We had seven investigators come to church this week, and the members are helping out a ton with fellowshipping and accompanying us to lessons and family home evenings and stuff. This ward in general seems very supportive of the missionary efforts. Changes are tonight! I´ll be staying in Elio, probably, but we´ll see. I figure my companion is staying as well, but you never know. Transfers can get crazy.
I´m feeling pretty great for the next change. I´ve still got a lot to work on and develop before I feel good about my service as a missionary, but things are going great, and I really couldn´t ask for more. My companion and I, along with a returned missionary who helps out a ton when he accompanies us, talked about some goals we could set for this next change on how to speed up the progress in the ward. We also found that since my companion doesn´t quite have the language down, I talk way more than he does. We´ve got a goal now to have him lead the lessons, answer more questions, etc. I guess we´ll see how that goes. In fact, I guess we´ll see if we even get the chance to put the goal into practice, considering changes are tonight. Elder Hugo Montoya came and spoke to the mission this Friday, and one of the things he said is that a true leader is someone who puts others´ needs before his. I think that was some inspired counsel.
I love you guys!
Elder Kacy Hart Woodward
Oh, and here´s the photo of our water storage system. The sink, plastic bag, and pans on the floor also have water stored in them. The big jugs in the back are drinking water.

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