Yeah, this week’s been pretty rough, honestly.

Yeah, this week´s been pretty rough, honestly. I came to a very clear awareness of some very strong personal weaknesses, and I wrestled with them almost daily. It came to the point where I felt discouraged and fatigued from trying to find some solution, some plan to overcome them. I found no such plan. Continue reading


What. Is. Up with it

What. Is. Up with it, fans and supporters of the cause. This week was the last week of the Church´s Easter iniciative. If you haven´t seen the videos yet, then you´re a square, and you should watch them. I hope you all had plenty of fish, beer, and fireworks for Holy Week! Cuz that´s all that was had down here. Contacting around the holidays here in Lima is usually pretty awful, since everyone´s too busy partying. Still, we got a fair amount of work done. Continue reading

It’s 10/04/2017 cuz thats how dates work down here

Hey hey heyy

So this week was pretty solid. We received a lot of inspired counsel from our leaders and from President and Sister Larson. We were definitely lacking in some areas, and it helped us identify what we needed to work on. So I´m still in Elio with Elder Horne. Still eating Vaquerito´s (we´ve made a goal to limit it to only twice a week). Still lovin´ the ward. They´re super supportive with references and fellowshipping. I just feel bad we haven´t had too much success.

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