Conference Week

Conference was great, as always. I didn´t take too many notes; I´m just planning on studying all the talks when they get to the Liahona. Some of them were very insightful.

We had three investigators attend conference this weekend: Floria, Marcela, and Kiara. Floria has mild mental retardation (I say this literally and not as an insult), and she´s come to church for the past four weeks. She close to forty years old, but our goal is to finish our teaching with her as if she were a kid, and then to use the baptismal interview to measure her understanding. We´ve talked to our leaders and they okayed her baptism.
Marcela is her niece and is not special needs. and we´ve been teaching her dad Jorge together with Floria for several weeks. I think once we start involving the whole family (last week we left a commitment to read daily as a family), Jorge will feel a little less reluctant to take the important steps to baptism.
Kiara is an old investigator. She´s eighteen. When I first got to the sector, I called her to schedule an appointment, and she said she felt fine in the church she was in and wasn´t ready to make any changes yet. So we moved her right to the old investigator list. Then, this week, we passed by with a member and scheduled an appointment. She accepted, and she decided to come to conference. She said it helped her out a lot, and we´ve got another appointment tonight, so we´ll so how it goes and if she´ll accept a baptismal commitment. She´s been having a lot of doubts about which church is right, and feels she hasn´t gotten an answer yet.
Anyway, we got done moving into our new room last Monday. Then some people from the offices came to check our bathroom, and they told us that we´re probably going to move again! The toilet leaks water from underneath, termites and water are eating through the wooden door, there´s no separation between the shower and the toilet space, and there is nowhere for humid air to go, since the bathroom is completely sealed off. Not to mention the door doesn´t even have a handle. The bathroom isn´t TOO crappy, but the room was definitely nicer and better ventilated. Plus, since we´ve moved into our new room, we have two fans, better cookware, and we even found spaghetti sitting in the wooden cupboards! That´s right, kids, we actually have cupboards!
We haven´t gotten word of the move yet, so who knows if it will even happen. Even in the mission field, red tape seems to be a serious problem. We didn´t get a fridge in Germain Aguirre for three months, and even then it only came because of constant complaining. You might say the mission field is a foil of our current political system haha. But don´t get me wrong, I´m not complaining about anything. The mission is a wonderful, life-changing experience. Plus, even if we move again, we´ve got double the supplies to take with us.
In other news, the Church recently started its Easter iniciative! I´d encourage you all to check out and see the cool videos. Here in the mission, we´re working hard to up the contacts and work a little more closely with members to snatch up fat referrals. Any advice in any aspect of the work or of life is much appreciated, since I´m constantly searching for things to improve and things that will help me hasten the work. That´s all for this week, fans. And remember… HEROES NEVER DIE!
Elder Kacy Hart Woodward
p.s. attached are some pics of the bathroom and my companion Elder Horne

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