It’s 10/04/2017 cuz thats how dates work down here

Hey hey heyy

So this week was pretty solid. We received a lot of inspired counsel from our leaders and from President and Sister Larson. We were definitely lacking in some areas, and it helped us identify what we needed to work on. So I´m still in Elio with Elder Horne. Still eating Vaquerito´s (we´ve made a goal to limit it to only twice a week). Still lovin´ the ward. They´re super supportive with references and fellowshipping. I just feel bad we haven´t had too much success.

So this week we had our first baptism as a companionship! I baptized Floria. In case you don´t remember, she´s slightly special needs. Our zone leaders came and helped us do a pre-interview for her baptism, which we had scheduled for next week. At the end they were like, ¨Yeah. She could get baptized in two days.¨ Then they committed her to be baptized that Saturday. I was like, ¨WHAT? We still have like half the material to cover!¨ But we ended up getting it taught before the baptism. We had to teach really, REALLY simply. She understood it. What´s important is that she had all the desire in the world to be baptized. She´d attended church a bunch and came to General Conference, too. There don´t seem to be any problems with fellowshipping, either, seeing as how she´s so nice and likes to participate.
Elder Horne´s getting ready to leave. He´s been here for a month longer than me, and he wants to get out and see the mission. Especially Callao.
So this morning some Jehovah´s Witnesses came up to us and invited us to an Easter conference that they´re gonna have. They weren´t rude (surprisingly: I don´t think they noticed our name tags since we were in street clothes), so we took their pamphlets. We ended up drawing funny things all over them and had a morning full of smiles.
That´s about all for this week. We don´t have anyone else with a baptismal date, but we´ve got some good prospective investigators we´re working with. I love you all! And remember… HEROES NEVER DIE!
Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

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