What. Is. Up with it

What. Is. Up with it, fans and supporters of the cause. This week was the last week of the Church´s Easter iniciative. If you haven´t seen the videos yet, then you´re a square, and you should watch them. I hope you all had plenty of fish, beer, and fireworks for Holy Week! Cuz that´s all that was had down here. Contacting around the holidays here in Lima is usually pretty awful, since everyone´s too busy partying. Still, we got a fair amount of work done.

This week we found a pretty cool family. The dad used to not believe in God so much. But recently, he had a serious operation, and ever since he´s suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. He said God helped him a lot during those difficult times. We had just one lesson with them, and they ended up coming to church this week.

There´s really not much else to say. Today´s zone P-Day, so we´re going to Pizza Palace and then going up the San Cristobal on a tour bus. Things are looking good, friends. Keep your hands in the sky! Give me your energy! And always remember… I´M NOT A MONKEY, I´M A… wait, that´s not right…

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

p.s. we found a Fig Sphinx Caterpillar last Monday. It was pretty cool.

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