What’s up, guys! This week was a little slow.

What´s up, guys! This week was a little slow, but I´m feeling way more concentrated and level-headed about my approach to the work. So this week we found one new investigator who´s name is Jose. Continue reading


What´s Up!

Hey guys! Elder Woodward here. This week was great! Last Sunday this guy named André came to church. He´s 22, and his girlfriend is a member. We´ve taught him a few times, and he´s super excited to get baptized (with or without his girlfriend, if that´s what you´re thinking). He´s motivated by the opportunity he has to have personal experiences with God and with the teachings of the Church. I would say there isn´t a better motivation out there to get baptized! Continue reading



Alright, so first things first, I´m still in Elio! My guess is I get transferred next change. I really like Elio, so I´m glad I stayed. This week I started working with my new companion! His name is Elder Sanhueza. He kinda reminds me of Brandon, so he´s pretty cool. We get along well. Continue reading

This is a combination of the last two weeks

DSCN0208[1].JPGYes, it is true that I saw Gerardo (Silvia’s brother) in downtown Lima. He actually saw me. If he had not yelled, “Kacy!” Maybe I would not have seen him. The conversation was short, but cool. My zone leader was with me, and he thought it was some investigator who saw me. When we finished talking to Gerardo, I said, “Huh. That was my uncle.” My zone leader was very surprised that I ran into my uncle by chance in a city of 10 million people. Continue reading