Alright, so first things first, I´m still in Elio! My guess is I get transferred next change. I really like Elio, so I´m glad I stayed. This week I started working with my new companion! His name is Elder Sanhueza. He kinda reminds me of Brandon, so he´s pretty cool. We get along well.

Our focus this change is expanding our horizons a bit. The last two changes I´ve had in this sector, 90% of the work we did was in one neighborhood: Elio. However, now we´re really working hard to get to the other neighborhoods. We´re looking to work a little more with our stronger resources (members, referrals, records left by old missionaries, etc.), and we´re especially focusing our work on a part of the sector called Pando. It´s the poorest part of the sector, and it´s on the other side of the sector from where we live. Elder Horne and I hardly worked in Pando, even though he really wanted to, but our last baptism lived there.

I´m positive we´ll see more success. Elder Sanhueza has been a district leader, a zone leader, and a trainer, so he definitely knows what he´s doing. He also speaks near perfect English, so we help each other out with the language. So yeah, I´ve got high hopes to optimize our use of time, our obedience, and our work in every part of the sector. Elder Sanhueza is a great strength thanks to his experience and coolness. Expect to be hearing great things in the future! I hope to send nothing less than greatness.

The mission is an experience I wouldn´t trade for the world. I just hope to use such a short time as wisely as I can! I love you all!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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