What’s up, guys! This week was a little slow.

What´s up, guys! This week was a little slow, but I´m feeling way more concentrated and level-headed about my approach to the work. So this week we found one new investigator who´s name is Jose. He´s about 50 and he lives with his father (common in Peru), he doesn´t have a job, and he recently lost his brother and his mother. He´s very humble, and he has goals of starting a family and getting a good job. He also wants to clear up questions he has concerning what happens after we die, since he doesn’t believe in Purgatory, but he believes in a heaven. He´s receptive, and seems to have a Biblical background. He came to church this week, and it looked like he really enjoyed it.

Another investigator we have is named Jessica. She also came to church for the first time this week with her boyfriend Rubén. We´re working to get them married ASAP because Rubén wants Jessica to get baptized and sealed to him. Obviously Jessica also wants to get married, but she´s still unsure about baptism, probably because of certain things she´s heard in the Christian church.

Finally we have André! Man, this guy is moving along great. He told us he prayed and got his answer. ¡En el agua, no más! He has a very sincere desire to learn and have spiritual experiences. He´s going on a college trip this week to northern Peru, so we won´t have too much contact with him, but he is excited to be baptized. His dad is cool with it, but his mom is a diehard Catholic and isn´t so supportive. When he told her he attended church this Sunday, she was pleasantly surprised. When he said it was with the Mormons, she kinda gave him the evil eye and went back to work. In any case, he´s getting baptized, boys!

Well, that´s all the time I have this week. Until next time, HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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