We went up the hill for real this week! It´s not as fun as you think, although the view´s always great. Well, this week went way better than our first. We found three times as many new investigators, and our contacting has gone much better. We´re also striving to work a little more efficiently with our time. Being more obedient and diligent hasn´t been easy, but we´ve definitely seen miracles this week.

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Act 4 – Nueva Era, Las Flores (me tocó cerro freaking)

Well, to kick things off, the bus that took us through changes pretty cool. It was kind of like a fancy tour bus, and it took us to the stake center of almost every zone in the mission (minus Limatambo and Magdalena, where it started). I got to see a lot of my old companions. I ended up in Las Flores: the poorest zone in the mission. ¿Chévere, no? It´s definitely a big change from Maranga. I´ll be sure to send you a photo of the sector… and of the trio! Continue reading

The Close of Act 3

This last week we didn´t really have P-Day because our temple trip was Wednesday. Our only new investigators for the week were a cool single-parent family. The mom´s brother—and basically her best friend—passed away recently, and she has passed through some tough times. We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and it seems like she took a lot of comfort from it. Continue reading

This week I decided to write in my journal

Huh. Turns out writing in my journal and bringing it with me when I go to the internet actually helps a lot.

Last Monday we went as Maranga zone to La Punta, Callao! The sea smell and roaring waves were as authentic as it gets. La Punta is very different from the rest of Callao. La Punta is a pice of Callao that juts out from the mainland (that´s why it´s called ¨the point¨), and it´s a pretty rich, tourist-friendly area. Compare to the rest of Callao, which, though not altogether ugly, is more dangerous because of the drug trafficking and gang violence. Interesting, no? Continue reading