The Close of Act 3

This last week we didn´t really have P-Day because our temple trip was Wednesday. Our only new investigators for the week were a cool single-parent family. The mom´s brother—and basically her best friend—passed away recently, and she has passed through some tough times. We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and it seems like she took a lot of comfort from it.

We´ve had some good lessons with our ¨prepared¨ investigators. André is getting baptized this Saturday (he told his mom yesterday supposedly), Melissa is getting integrated well into the ward, and José has a lot of faith that things can change. He recently told us he´s had addiction problems for five years, so we´re working with him on that.

Here´s some cool news: my companion (Elder Sanhueza) is training for the second time! He went this Friday to the Magdalena stake center (the mission offices) for a trainer meeting. He seems excited. I guess President Larson is changing up the way the mission does transfers. Before, every companionship that had changes would go to the offices, and the entire mission would wait in the Magdalena stake center. Now, each zone will go to their respective stake center and wait for one of two buses to take them to the offices. Considering we´re in the smallest proselyting mission in the world, it sounds like it would work great. I definitely prefer a bus over an expensive taxi.

It´s like 99% sure that I´m getting changed. Transfer announcements are tonight! I´ve learned a lot in Elio about how to be a better missionary in many aspects, and I´m excited to continue improving and working hard in my next sector.

Until next time, HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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