Act 4 – Nueva Era, Las Flores (me tocó cerro freaking)

Well, to kick things off, the bus that took us through changes pretty cool. It was kind of like a fancy tour bus, and it took us to the stake center of almost every zone in the mission (minus Limatambo and Magdalena, where it started). I got to see a lot of my old companions. I ended up in Las Flores: the poorest zone in the mission. ¿Chévere, no? It´s definitely a big change from Maranga. I´ll be sure to send you a photo of the sector… and of the trio!

Yep, Elder Huntington (Orem, UT) and Elder Quispe (La Esperanza, Trujillo) are my new companions, with Elder Huntington as the district leader. I´ve known Elder Quispe since my time in Las Americas, when he was in Carmen de La Legua and in my district. Elder Huntington I only knew by sight. We all have around the same time in the mission, and it´s a blast working with them.

This week we also had interviews with President and Sister Larson. President Larson told me that Nueva Era is a strong ward, but that it´s baptisms have been historically low. He told me he was confident that the trio would bring a ¨new era¨ to the ward. The ward council this week was actually horrible: there were like three people other than the bishop there, and they didn´t seem to have much of a helpful attitude. I think there´s a lot of work to do with gaining the trust of the members. The ward actually isn´t that bad as a whole. The bishop´s humble, and our ward mission leader has desires to work.

As far as I know, in Elio André got baptized. In Nueva Era, our primary investigators are the Uribe family and Ricardo. Ricardo is a stereotypical old guy who actually understands the lessons pretty well. He got baptized this Saturday! Sorry, I didn´t bring my camera.

Juvenal Uribe has been an ¨investigator¨ for almost 45 years, but hasn´t been able to be baptized because of paperwork problems and cohabitation. First it was his papers, now it´s his… uh, ¨wife´s¨ papers, and now it´s looking like she´s not trying very hard to get married. I can tell he really does want to be baptized, but he´s a little timid, and money´s a big issue that we have no control over. We´ll see how it turns out.

Juvenal´s 10-year-old grandson Henry also wants to get baptized. He comes to church every week with his sister Angela, who got baptized 3 years ago. He´s great, but the problem is his mom. She hasn´t wanted to receive the missionary lessons, and she doesn´t want Henry to get baptized until he gets older. Typical. We´re trying to get an appointment with her with the hope of introducing her to the new Primary president.

I think that´s it. Thanks for all the love and the news! I really appreciate it. Until next time, HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

p.s. everything you see in that photo… that´s Nueva Era…


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