We went up the hill for real this week! It´s not as fun as you think, although the view´s always great. Well, this week went way better than our first. We found three times as many new investigators, and our contacting has gone much better. We´re also striving to work a little more efficiently with our time. Being more obedient and diligent hasn´t been easy, but we´ve definitely seen miracles this week.

We´re focused a lot on eliminating names from the many teaching records we have that we haven´t met or who aren´t progressing. Earlier this week we abandoned our eternal investigator Yoli. She´s been investigating the Church for three years. And guess what? She´s still cohabitating, and she´s only read to Alma. I honestly wonder what the missionaries were thinking that made them keep working with her until now. To top it off, she´s attending another church (Movimiento Misionero Mundial). She was practically about to drop us when we dropped her. So yeah, we burned her and said that she hadn´t shown desires before God to know the truth or fulfill His commandments, and that in her current state of sin she´d never go to heaven. She didn´t take it too hard, since she was somehow still incredibly ignorant to true doctrine and her heart (and probably her brain) had turned to stone at that point. Ignorance. *shakes head*

Leaving her was a turning point in the week. We found more receptive investigators, and we had higher church attendance. I think by showing the Lord we were looking for prepared people, He gave us prepared people. That´s not something I understood earlier in the mission, and I´m super glad I´ve come to understand it now.

Well, I haven´t written quite as much in my journal this week because we´ve been using the nights to play intense games of Monopoly. But don´t worry, I´ll make time this week so I can give a more detailed report. Until then, MUEVE EL TOTO… wait, that´s not right…

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

p.s. You guys should look up the ¨Soy Yo¨ commercials by Movistar. They´re hilarious.


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