¡Habla, family! Well, I didn´t end up staying in Pescadores 2 like I thought. I was moved to Barrio Tarapacá in the same stake. Except I´m opening sector in Tarapacá 2. And I´m training! I don´t know if you remember Elder Sanhueza, my Chilean companion, but I´m training one of his friends from Concepción! His name is Elder Soto. He´s very capable. He worked as ward mission leader for 3 months before coming into the field, so he´s already very familiar with the work with the members. He´s a great people person, and he shows a lot of self-confidence in his teaching (even if, as a greenie, he doesn´t always have it). It´s always a little weird working with someone who isn´t used to the basics of missionary culture, but even then we´ve had great success this first week. Continue reading


Solid Week

I guess I don’t have too much to report this week. We found six new investigators (the mission goal is seven weekly, something that we were having trouble with in Pescadores initially). Six of our investigators in total have accepted a baptismal date. None of those investigators attended church this week, so we have to push back their dates a bit, but the good news is they have desires to progress. We´re trying to make better plans for them so we don´t lose contact. Continue reading



Everything was normal this week up until Wednesday. That night, the assistants called to inform me of emergency transfers. I would be moving from Nueva Era, Las Flores, to Pescadores 2, La Libertad, almost on the other end of the mission. I would also be finishing the training of an elder with four weeks in the mission. I waved goodbye to the best four weeks of my mission (in trio) and my favorite comp (Elder Huntington). I´m not sure why there was an emergency transfer, but there were three or four companionships in the mix, and obviously the trio is the most vulnerable in those situations. Continue reading

Interesting Week

Friday, July 7, 2017. I hope to recount the week as best as memory permits. Tuesday we had a multizone conference with Condevilla and Callao. We woke up at 6:00; we took the train from Estación Caja de Agua at 7:30 to get to the Magdalena stake center, arriving at 8:40; we had training until about 4:30; and we got back home at about 6:00. I guess you could say that was our second P-Day. The conference was centered on more effective application of the finding principles found in Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel. I found it thoroughly instructive. Continue reading

A Great Week

—-Thursday, June 29, 2017. Weekly planning day. This morning we ended our exchange with the elders of Las Flores. Elder Buirley, a native of Logan and graduate of Logan High—and a convert to the Church, if you can believe it—accompanied Elder Quispe and I in Nueva Era while Elder Huntington went with Elder Muñoz (from Chile) to the sector of Las Flores (not to be confused with the zone itself). Wednesday was a fairly slow day. The highlight of the day was our appointment with Julissa, Henry´s mom. She´d listened to the missionaries before and hadn´t progressed because because, according to her, she had questions they couldn´t answer. We had a great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we answered some of her questions about the Restoration. I think she finally understood the importance of baptism, and she seems truly committed to learn more and get an answer. She accepted our invitation to attend church, and she accepted the 22 of July as a goal for her baptismal date.

Continue reading