Interesting Week

Friday, July 7, 2017. I hope to recount the week as best as memory permits. Tuesday we had a multizone conference with Condevilla and Callao. We woke up at 6:00; we took the train from Estación Caja de Agua at 7:30 to get to the Magdalena stake center, arriving at 8:40; we had training until about 4:30; and we got back home at about 6:00. I guess you could say that was our second P-Day. The conference was centered on more effective application of the finding principles found in Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel. I found it thoroughly instructive.

Wednesday was a normal day. We had our district meeting, snacked on some wicked delish baked goods around the corner from the stake center, and started proselyting in the afternoon. We had a brief but good lesson with a guy named Elí. His wife is a less-active member, and he never got baptized because they aren´t married. However, there´s a mass wedding coming up next Saturday in Breña, and it´s valid for all the districts of Lima, so the mission jumping at the opportunity to marry all their investigators. Elí and his wife are working hard to get their papers ready before the deadline. We ended Wednesday at a baptismal interview for Steysi, a nine-year-old kid who was going to get baptized this Saturday. Although she behaves when necessary, she likes to mess around during lessons. She´s pretty funny though haha. Anyway, she passed her interview. But more on that later.

Oh, one more thing on Wednesday. That night, our zone leaders called me. They said I would have a very unique service opportunity: accompanying a sick elder in the hospital. So my companions and I left Thursday morning, and I was dropped off at the Clinica Anglo-Americana with Elder Leiva and Elder Ramirez. I´ve known both of them since my time in Las Americas. Elder Leiva is from Santiago, Chile. He´s a huge nerd since both of his parents were gamers in their youth. He´s also a master card dealer and knows a fair amount of magic tricks. Needless to say, we had a great time together. We ended up talking about an anime called JoJo´s Bizarre Adventures for like three hours haha.

Elder Ramirez was the reason we were there. I´d gone on exchanges with him when he was in Bello Horizonte, San Martín. He´s a cool guy. Now he´s in the hospital for kidney stones. He was in a lot of pain on Thursday and into Friday morning. When the pain went down, they took a CAT scan and found that something went wrong with the stint and they had to take it out and operate into his kidney from the stomach. The mission has united in prayer for him.

Well, the cool part of it all was Elder and Sister Garfield. Toward the end of Thursday, Elder Leiva and I were getting pretty hungry. And even though I´d brought Flora´s care package, you can only eat so many cashews at a time. Elder Leiva and I decided to pull off the infamous triple play: Elder Ramirez would be in his hospital bed, I would stand in the doorway, and Elder Leiva would walk down the hall and look for a vending machine. Well, right when we were about to try it, we opened the door and found Sister Garfield about to knock. She works for the Area, and she will be teaching the Area Presidency English. Her husband, who works in the Area´s legal affairs, has had a lot of kidney problems as well, and for that reason she came to check up on us. Long story short, she bought us a giant hamburger and chocolate cake from the cafeteria downstairs. Miracles happen. THE CHURCH IS TRUE

The rest of the week was relatively slow. We came back to the sector Friday night to start work Saturday morning. Anyway, the morning of Steysi´s supposed baptism, her grandma called us to cancel. Apparently, her mom was misinformed as to the date of the baptism, and she wanted the whole family to be there. So it´s been postponed until next Saturday. -_- The good thing is we now have an appointment with her mom, aunt, and uncle this Friday. ]

So yeah, my time´s up. Love you all! Thanks for all the support and the letters! Imma keep working hard. Sorry I didn´t have time to reply. Hope you had a happy Fourth! HEROES NEVER DIE! Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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