Everything was normal this week up until Wednesday. That night, the assistants called to inform me of emergency transfers. I would be moving from Nueva Era, Las Flores, to Pescadores 2, La Libertad, almost on the other end of the mission. I would also be finishing the training of an elder with four weeks in the mission. I waved goodbye to the best four weeks of my mission (in trio) and my favorite comp (Elder Huntington). I´m not sure why there was an emergency transfer, but there were three or four companionships in the mix, and obviously the trio is the most vulnerable in those situations.

So here I am in Pescadores. Bellavista, Callao, baby. My companion is Elder Galeanos from Argentina. I like him. He´s a very capable missionary. I´m just glad that with four weeks in the sector he knows his way around. I sure didn´t haha. So we share the ward with another companionship, and we eat lunch with them and with the zone leaders. It hasn´t been too bad so far. It´s a little more difficult in this sector to find receptive investigators, since historically it´s a sector of ghosts (one-lesson investigators who can never again be found), and since we don´t seem to have a single Potential Investigator form in the area book. That means that we have no records of people we can visit, and we basically start from zero. Exciting, isn´t it?

The good thing is that I got permission on Saturday to go back to Nueva Era and see two baptisms. Steysi got baptized, along with Juvenal Uribe. It was a lot of fun seeing old investigators, members, converts, and my comps. We are also teaching some people here from Venezuela who are progressing well and are preparing to be baptized.

To cap off the weekly report, we ate lunch with Bishop Carrión on Sunday. He´s pretty young for a bishop (29), he´s very capable, and he just got called about a month ago. And he´s an avid gamer! He´s got a sick PC setup, and he has a ton of PS4 games. He says they come in handy for mutual and young men´s activities haha. Needless to say, the coolest bishop I´ve ever met in the mission.

So yeah, it´s been an interesting week. But it´s been a good week, too! And remember… HEROES NEVER… well, in honor of Bishop Carrión, who plays McCree…


Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

p.s. here´s some pics of the baptism in Nueva Era


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