Week 5 of Tarapacá 2, La Libertad

¡Habla, cholos! (o ¨vatos¨ por los de ustedes que están en México ;D)

So this week we had multizone conferences. La Libertad got paired up with Condevilla and Las Flores (habla zonita), and I got to see some familiar faces as always. The theme was increasing faith in the mission and becoming more like the Savior. It helped me realize that I tend to be negative and faithless at times, so I´ve been trying hard to do everything with real intent and with a good attitude. And we got results! Continue reading


Week 4 of Tarapacá 2, La Libertad

DSCN0300[1]As you all know, I´m not usually one to preach or be thematic with my emails. That´s probably why Mom and Dad never have anything to share in church haha. But this month´s Liahona has a really funny (and somewhat creepy) picture with an important message I´d like to share. I’ve attached the picture below for everyone to see. Continue reading

Baptism out of Nowhere

We had a miraculous week. Last week we fasted so that Francis would get accept his baptismal date. This Wednesday I woke up with a fever, so I spent most of the day in bed. At night we woke up and helped some people move, which was not good for me, but whatever. Late that night, we had a lesson with Francis. We ended up bringing one of his best friends Ricardo, who got baptized about a month ago. Ricardo was able to bear testimony about a lot of the things that Francis was worrying about. By the end of the lesson, Francis said he´d call us the next day with his answer. But as we were leaving, he accompanied us. And as we walked home, he said, ¨Look. I can´t keep hiding what I feel. I want to be baptized.¨ It was awesome! Continue reading

Week 2


What is up with it, nation. I’d say we had a decent kickoff to the work week. One of the investigators we found last week accepted a baptismal invitation and has committed to attend church with us. He’s an old guy named Jose (it’s an uncommon name, I know). Today we had our second lesson with him. At first he seemed willing to be baptized, but didn’t want to come to church with us because he has to take care of his son. When we told him we could help out and that it wouldn’t be an inconvenience, he accepted. Continue reading