Week 19 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

DSCN0390[1]Hello once again, friends and fans! Well, Melanie got baptized and confirmed this weekend! I don´t think I´ve ever seen so many members of Nueva Era attend a baptismal service. The Young Women sang a special musical number, and my companion performed the baptism. As you can see in the picture, my companion and I are both fat. Whatever. With all the heat, we´ll probably sweat out all the chaufa. Continue reading


Week 18 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

Yeah, I´m too lazy to write very much this week. Our three golden sisters—Helen, Melanie, and Priscila—are still progressing toward their baptismal dates. I got a lovely birthday package that is now basically gone because I ate it all. Helen bought me a giant, expensive birthday cake with my photo printed on rice paper. Life´s good, and, as always… HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward

Week 17 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

Sounds like a lot of—


Err, sounds like a lot of—

*gets hit by brick*

Hello, family and friends! Sounds like a lot of hoopla over a simple talk from Elder Nelson tomorrow, right!

WRONG! It´s prolly gonna be DEE-OPE

Anyway, back to the mission news. And it´s good news! This week we had three progressing investigators! Priscila keeps attending church, so we´re all good on that subject. And Melanie and her mom both accepted baptismal dates! Melanie´s getting baptized at the end of the month, and her mom is getting baptized the next week. We´ve been going to their house regularly to teach them, and Helen accepted our invitation to attend church this week for the first time. She said she really enjoyed it, especially now that she´s made friends with really strong, active sisters in the Relief Society. We´re really excited, and we´re fasting this Wednesday for their baptism. Continue reading

Week 16 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

Transfers are just around the corner!

We´ve had a pretty nutty last week. So for starters, we were really close to baptizing Melanie, a young woman who attends church every week with her dad. She wants to get baptized, but her mom Helen has been opposed to it. Helen´s really temperamental too, so we´ve been a little hesitant to work with her. But thanks to a lot of support from the ward, we organized a service project and painted her house. She invited us to eat lunch with her that Sunday, and we managed to get her to sign the baptismal record stating that she gives us permission to teach Melanie. She said that Melanie could decide her baptismal date. Then, when we asked Melanie, she said she wanted to wait one more Sunday to make sure she wanted to get baptized. Continue reading

Weeks 14 and 15 of Nueva Era, Las Flores

Merry Christmas everybody, and happy New Year! Even though the work tends to slow down around the holidays, we had a great time! For starters, Angelko got baptized and confirmed this weekend! We could tell he really felt the Spirit during those two special ordinances. He´s got a lot of potential to progress as a member of the Church, and we´re here to support him every step of the way! Continue reading