Week 14 of Barranco 2, Limatambo

Here we are in the second week of the transfer! One week more, one week less! This week we were blessed with a lot more people to teach! The contacting activity in our ward helped out a lot with that. 10 ward members came to accompany the missionaries on their visits. Between us and the sister missionaries´ sector, we found about 7 new investigators in just those two hours. Sadly, we still don´t have very many investigators progressing toward a baptismal date. I think we need to work with a little more hunger. I realized yesterday that, despite the fact that my whole mission I´ve worked hard to be an obedient, diligent, effective missionary, what´s held me back is my hunger to baptize. It´s a little weak, honestly. Continue reading


Week 13 of Barranco 2, Limatambo

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new transfer! It looks like I´ve stayed in Barranco with Elder Boyer. My first piece of interesting news is that the districts have changed! The other two district leaders, who´ve been serving for a good while in their leadership assignments, just got called as zone leaders. So now I have a district of four sectors, and the two new district leaders have districts of three. It´s surprising how time-consuming it is to receive all the reports and give advice to three other companionships (not to mention the exchanges and divisions I have to do each week), but I feel like I´m getting better at my job. Continue reading