Week 12 of Barranco 2, Limatambo

¡Hola, todos! Well, transfers are right around the corner. I figure things are going to stay the same for the most part, but you never know, especially this late in President Larson´s season. He´s about to start his last transfer as mission president.

I think I forgot to tell everyone that last week I conducted my first baptismal interview! Certainly a milestone in my career. Santa Beatriz was having a pretty tough transfer, having lost several investigators leading up to their potential baptisms. Eucebio just kinda showed up out of nowhere at church and said he wanted to get baptized! His daughter is a member of Santa Beatriz and she helped him get to know the Church. It was a strange experience interviewing him, but I already knew Eucebio was very humble and well prepared. While we were waiting for him to show up at church for the interview, we tried our luck on the ward mission leader´s skateboard. See what happened when my companion tried it and compare that to what happened when I tried it.

Sunday Eucebio got confirmed. He´s looking like a solid convert. As for the sisters in my district, for the first time in months they had more than 1 investigator attending church. They had such a tough go with church attendance, but today they had four investigators in church, two of which are progressing toward a baptismal date. On our side, things aren´t looking quite as great. We´ve lost a few investigators in our teaching pool, Michel is still reluctant, and Omar hasn´t answered us. But we had some new investigators show up at church this week, so next month is looking strong.

Whether or not I leave Barranco, I´ve learned a lot here and am grateful for the experience the Lord has given me. I love the mission. It´s helped me understand who I want to be when I return. And there´s still a lot left for me to do with the time that´s left. So, until next time… HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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