Week 13 of Barranco 2, Limatambo

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new transfer! It looks like I´ve stayed in Barranco with Elder Boyer. My first piece of interesting news is that the districts have changed! The other two district leaders, who´ve been serving for a good while in their leadership assignments, just got called as zone leaders. So now I have a district of four sectors, and the two new district leaders have districts of three. It´s surprising how time-consuming it is to receive all the reports and give advice to three other companionships (not to mention the exchanges and divisions I have to do each week), but I feel like I´m getting better at my job.

As always, Limatambo Zone was the first in the lineup for interviews this transfer. My last interview with President Larson was a very spiritual experience, and he and I both were able to testify of the growth that I´ve experienced here in the mission. He gave me some wise counsel as I continue to serve as a leader and as I prepare for growth opportunities at home.

I don`t know if I´ve ever mentioned this, but every Saturday morning we have a contacting activity in a different ward. This past Saturday, every missionary in the zone got together in Santa Cruz (basically the richest ward in the mission), paired up with a ward member, and went to contact nonmembers and invite less actives to a dessert festival. Who wouldn´t want to go to a dessert festival? Anyway, this coming week it´s Barranco´s turn. We just did a bunch of updates to the ward directory, but we´re not super sure how we want the activity to go. I guess we´ll see before the week´s over.

So that´s the big news for this week. I´ll end with a scripture in our missionary technology manual (D&C 88:67):

¨And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.¨

I´ve seen that as I turn my thoughts to the Savior and anxiously engage in His work, the darkness in my life has fled, and I´ve come to comprehend more fully the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Until next time… HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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