Week 14 of Barranco 2, Limatambo

Here we are in the second week of the transfer! One week more, one week less! This week we were blessed with a lot more people to teach! The contacting activity in our ward helped out a lot with that. 10 ward members came to accompany the missionaries on their visits. Between us and the sister missionaries´ sector, we found about 7 new investigators in just those two hours. Sadly, we still don´t have very many investigators progressing toward a baptismal date. I think we need to work with a little more hunger. I realized yesterday that, despite the fact that my whole mission I´ve worked hard to be an obedient, diligent, effective missionary, what´s held me back is my hunger to baptize. It´s a little weak, honestly.

The good thing is that my detachment has allowed my to skirt my way around discouragement and stay motivated to keep working, but the bad thing is that I haven´t been invested enough in the center of our purpose: baptism! I´ve been thoroughly studying the doctrine of Christ this week, and it´s gotten me pumped to baptize even more! Now that I´ve got better control of certain cognitive distortions, I feel I can adequately motivate myself while at the same time controlling my stress and my thought process when things don´t go how I hoped. The future is as bright as my faith!

Thank you all for your support and prayers in my behalf. This work is divine, and as I´ve participated in it, I´ve become a partaker of the divine nature. I hope to never let the flame of my testimony grow dim. Until next time… HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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