Week 18 of Barranco 2, Limatambo


are about to be announced! Tonight I find out where I´ll spend my last transfer in the mission! My best bet is that I´m staying. It doesn´t make sense for me to go to a new sector for just one transfer and serve a new district. But who knows? Changes are nutty.

On Friday morning, the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and district leaders in Lima Central had a special meeting with Elder Carlos A. Godoy, who was the former area president and will be serving in the presidency of the Seventy in August. It was awesome! It was basically the last official meeting between missionaries and President and Sister Larson. When he asked the missionaries for one-word descriptions of them, I think my favorite was, ¨President Larson—mercy. Sister Larson—justice.¨ Hahaha.

Elder Godoy also gave some inspired post-mission counsel. He said that balancing post-mission priorities (mainly our career, church service, personal well-being, and family) is like spinning plates; it´s hard. He said that no success in one plate compensates a failure in another. He also cited President Hinckley´s inspired priority order: 1)family 2)career 3)church service 4)yourself. Career comes before church service because we need to choose a career that not only puts food on the table for our family, but also gives us sufficient self-reliance to facilitate church service in the future.

This week we didn´t have any baptisms. We were hoping to help Vanessa accept the commitment to be baptized this Saturday, but she postponed it for next Saturday. The good news is that she doesn´t seem too affected by her mom´s opposition, and she said she´d make arrangements for someone to watch the kids that day so she could be free for her baptism. The other piece of good news is that every companionship in my district ended this transfer with a baptism! I´m glad to have helped in the process.

Well, one spiritual experience we had was yesterday. We had our first lesson with Jack. His dad is a reactivated member, and his step-mom is getting ready to be married and baptized. Jack´s attended church quite a few times, but he´s never been interested in getting baptized. Well, today, all the talks in church (one of which was mine ;D) and the Gospel Principles class were centered on baptism! We just invited him to get baptized right away, and he accepted. He committed in his last prayer to be baptized and told God he knew the Book of Mormon was true. We´ve got baptisms around the corner!

The restored gospel is true. It fills me with joy. And until next time… HEROES NEVER DIE!

Elder Kacy Hart Woodward


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